Why free international personals become more and more popular today

Nowadays international personals are becoming more and more popular everywhere, hence it has become a frequent topic of discussion.  If you are not sure why this is happening, you will learn the reasons behind this phenomenon in this article.

* Western men have an increasing interest in foreign women.  

Because of the Internet, a growing number of the western population have understood foreign cultures much better than before.  This kind of new understanding has aroused westerners’ curiosity, so more western men want to experience foreign women.  After all, yearning for variety is human nature - this is especially true among men.  

* Western women are becoming less feminine.  

In this day and age, western women and western men are equal in the society.  When women have access to things that many men can’t provide in western countries, they tend to respect men less.  However, men need to be respected in order to feel loved.  Therefore, western men are more likely to look elsewhere when it comes to meeting new women to date and start relationships.

* Western women want to outdo men in order to feel empowered.  

When women become competitive, men don’t feel like real men anymore.  That’s why western men want to feel like real men around foreign women who are less competitive and less masculine.  In most cases, foreign women don’t want to compete with men, because they still believe in being real women - they are more submissive, better at doing housework, and looking after kids.

* Foreign women look better than western women.  

In western countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, women usually dress for comfort only, so you can see western women wear very casual clothes everywhere.  In contrast, women in other countries dress well in order to look attractive, because male attention is their validation.  Foreign women feel validated when men pay attention to them and notice how beautiful they are.  For example, women in other countries wear feminine clothes and makeup every day when they are with their men, so that their men look good as well.  Also, foreign women look after their skin carefully by using the best skin-care products.  By contrast, western women wear more makeup than skin-care products, which damages their skin and make them grow old faster.  Besides, while western women are going out at night for drinks, foreign women tend to go to bed early and enjoy their beauty sleep.

* Foreign women respect western men.  

If you are a western man traveling in a foreign country, you will notice that foreign women look at you frequently.  That’s because foreign women think western men are high-value men.  As a result, if your wife is a foreign woman, she will respect you, appreciate you and cherish you forever.  That’s why marrying foreign brides is a new trend in the 21st century.

* International marriages have a much lower divorce rate.  

According to a national survey in the United States, the divorce rate of international marriages is much lower than domestic marriages.  After doing some research, experts have realized that foreign brides don’t easily consider the option of getting a divorce, because they want to maintain their marriages in the first place.  However, whenever there is an issue, western women may consider getting a divorce quickly because that’s how western women feel empowered and independent.  Consequently, if you want to have a stable marriage that lasts long, you should totally marry a foreign bride.

* International marriages add spice to your life.  

No matter you are a western man or a foreign woman, your international marriage will be the major source of happiness in your life because an international relationship adds spice to your life.  Just think about it: if your wife or husband is someone that you are too familiar with, there is nothing new to discover in the long term, right?  That’s exactly how boredom is born in a domestic marriage.  Nevertheless, an international marriage brings exciting adventures to you frequently, e.g. you will experience a new perspective when looking at things in life, you will experience a new culture that gives you new inspiration, and you will enjoy exotic food on a daily basis.
Due to the above-mentioned reasons, no wonder international personals are getting popular these days.  If you are interested in posting free international personals on the Internet dating please check out our website for further information.