Free dating Filipina: Meeting the best bride from the Philippines

Filipina women are much better wife materials than western women.  Here is why:

Filipina girls are skinny & western women are fat.  

You certainly wouldn’t enjoy shagging a fat woman in bed for the rest of your life, so you’d better marry a Filipina womanFilipino girls are the skinniest women in Asia.  Yes, they are small, skinny, appealing and cute.  They have smooth skin and pretty smiles.  Filipino women are interested in healthy diet, exercise and fitness, so they maintain their physical beauty very well.  In contrast, western countries are best characterised by obesity and diabetes, so more than 50% of western women are obese.

Filipina ladies have great inner characteristics & western women are more self-involved.  

A typical Filipina woman values family, so she respects her husband, takes care of her children and highly values her family in general.  Therefore, all Filipina girls can do housework extremely well and look after their men.  By contrast, western women believe in "putting me first” and "filling up my own cup first”, hence they either don’t prioritise their husbands or ask ‘what’s in it for me?’

Filipina girls don’t think of divorce easily & western women think it is okay to divorce their husbands.  

We have interviewed many women from all over the world.  All Filipina girls that attended our interview told us that they wouldn’t consider getting a divorce easily, because they would try their best to maintain their marriages.  However, at least 80% of western women who attended the interview told us that if their husbands can’t make them happy, they will leave without hesitation.  Therefore, if you are looking for a stable marriage, look no further – just marry a Filipina bride who will adore you, respect you and appreciate you for the rest of your life.

Filipina ladies are good at cooking & western women don’t like to cook.  

In western countries, many women prefer buying fast food from restaurants such as McDonald’s or KFC.  No wonder they are chubby.  Nevertheless, women from the Philippines love cooking – they are the best housewives in the world.  They cook healthy and delicious meals for their husbands and kids, so that their families can enjoy great food and quality time together at home.  Better still, cooking at home saves a lot of money, whereas buying fast food or ready-to-make foods is very expensive.  So if your wife is from the Philippines, you will be able to keep more money for yourself as opposed to waste your money on junk food which only makes you sick.

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Filipino women look younger after having their first baby & western women look older after having their first baby.  

After having her first child, a Filipina woman actually looks younger than her actual age.  We don’t really know why this is happening, but it’s a fact – a typical Filipina lady looks even more attractive and sexy after she has had her first child.  Maybe it’s because Filipino women know how to look after themselves after giving birth to children.  Nonetheless, western women instantly look older after giving birth to their first child, because western women associate giving birth to a baby with insomnia and stress, whereas Filipina women associate giving birth to a baby with love and affection.  Hence, if you are looking for a keeper, just marry a Filipino girl!

Filipino women are perfectly bilingual & western women are usually monolingual.  

Because Filipina girls are educated in American English, they can speak English extremely well.  No wonder the world’s best virtual assistants are all from the Philippines.  As a result, if your wife is from the Philippines, she is usually good at English, so you wouldn’t have any difficulty communicating with her – this is a huge advantage compared with marrying other foreign brides.