How to fully understand Russian women personals

Russian women are the world’s most sought-after brides in the 21st century, because Russian girls are hot, hardworking, respectful and honest.  I’m sure you are able to find many Russian women personals on some international dating sites, but do you know how to interpret their personals correctly?
Although most marriage agencies that work internationally provide translation services and many Russian ladies are able to write their own personals in English, you still need to learn how to fully understand and correctly interpret their personals before you consider marrying a Russian bride, if you want to increase your chance to succeed in this regard.

* Prioritize Russian women whose personals are written in English by themselves.  

If a Russian woman can write her own personal in English, that means she is reasonably well-educated, because English is taught at school and universities in Russia.  Therefore, if her personal is very well-written and she wrote it all by herself, that means she is more likely to be intelligent and smart.  In contrast, if her English writing is terrible, you’ll know she has the potential to be dumb and stupid before you meet her.  Hence, personals written in English is a very effective filter when it comes to meeting Russian women online.

* Check out a Russian woman’s looks by analyzing more than one photo.  

By that I mean when you look at a Russian woman’s personal, don’t just look at her profile photo.  Usually, a marriage agency should be able to show you more than one photo of a particular Russian lady, because marriage is the most important thing in your life - you must carefully think about it before you make a decision like that.  So you should totally analyze more than one photo of a Russian girl that you like.  In this way, you will be able to know what she really looks like clearly.  This is very important because her profile picture can be an illusion - most women wear loads of makeup in their profile photos.  If you are going to choose a wife, you’d better know how she really looks like.

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* Identify a Russian lady’s values.  

Usually, a good personal demonstrates a person’s value system.  For instance, if a personal says, "I love cooking, gardening and beautiful furniture”, that usually means this person values family, because only when family is important would they consider cooking, gardening and beautiful furniture very important.  That’s why this person probably has the ability to look after their household well.  Another typical example - if a personal says, "I love learning, reading and growing”, that means this person values knowledge.  So if you also value knowledge and growth, you two share the same top value, which is a good sign.  Of course, if a woman highly values knowledge, that probably means she is a growth-driven person as well.  You should date her, provided you are also a growth-driven and ambitious person.  Remember: you should avoid women whose value system is very different from yours, because when two people have very different values, they are not compatible and can’t even be friends.

* Ask for your family and friends’ opinions.  

It’s very easy to fall in love with someone new madly, especially when you see a sexy cute Russian girl.  Because marriage is of vital importance, you’d better consult with your family and friends and ask for their opinions at the same time.  For example, you should let your family and friends have a look at the Russian woman’s personal and see what they are going to say.  Don’t feel embarrassed while seeking advice - your family and friends want you to be happy, so they are very likely to help you.